Advanced Powerful Presentations

Course Reference Code: MT-3

Duration: 1-day


   Management Training and Employee Development

   Transferable Skills and Core Competencies


   On-site and In-Company


   United Kingdom



On-Site Costs:

Target Audience: People who have to:

          - Give formal or informal presentations,

          - Influence others in a positive and informative way,

          - Present information in a clear and interesting way.

Brief Description

This course builds on the skills leant during the ‘Powerful Presentations’ course by providing additional practical experience in giving face-to-face presentations; dealing with difficult situations; motivating people by choosing stimulating visual and audible messages; questioning techniques to obtain feedback on progress and possible problem areas; using modern communication media (hardware & software) to achieve the most effective result. This course will appeal to everyone who needs to conduct effective and informative formal or informal presentations as part of their job function.


A number of exercises and role-plays are conducted during the course

where the delegates will get an opportunity to put into practice

some of the techniques they have acquired.

Delegates will be encouraged to participate fully in the various case studies,

discussion sessions and practical exercises that are conducted during the course.