Appraisal Interviewing Skills

Course Reference Code: MT-5

Duration: 1-day


   Management Training and Employee Development

   Transferable Skills and Core Competencies


   On-site and In-Company


   United Kingdom



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Brief Description

The appraisal interview is recognised, in a number of companies, as the key event that can make a positive contribution to an employee’s continued development and motivation. Handled well - the benefits of conducting appraisal interviews are enormous. Handled badly - the team members may leave the interview feeling let-down, demotivated or just not valued. This training session examines the benefits of the appraisal to the individual, the line-manager and the organisation. It then goes on to show how to structure the interview, set realistic expectation levels, how to use effective questioning techniques, deal with ‘difficult’ appraisees, and establish meaningful and realistic goals.


Course Overview

All delegates will be expected to participate in the discussion
and practical sessions.