Effective Team Building

Course Reference Code: MT-6

Duration: 1-day


   Management Training and Employee Development

   Transferable Skills and Core Competencies


   On-site and In-Company


   United Kingdom



On-Site Costs:

Brief Description

Effective teamwork can only be achieved when individuals work together for the success of the group rather than the success of the individual players. Achieving effective results requires not only getting the best from the individuals but also maximising the efforts of the group as a single entity. This training session is aimed at people who will form part of a team or will be involved in motivating a team. This session is very interactive and all delegates will be encouraged to participate fully in the discussion and practical sessions. Video is used extensively during the course to identify the dynamics within the team and to develop support and understanding between team members.

Course Overview

    -Mind Mapping

    - Brainstorming

    - Cause and Effect Diagrams

    - 5 Whys and 5 Hows

    - SWOT Diagrams

    - Benchmarking

    - Mini-talk: Cooperation and Conflict

    - Mini-talk: Openness and Confrontation

    - Mini-talk: Regular Reviews

    - Mini-talk: Clear Objectives and Agreed Goals

    - "In how many ways can we improve the image of the team?"

    - "In how many ways can we improve the efficiency of the team?

All delegates will be expected to participate in the discussion
and practical sessions.