Customer Satisfaction and Care

Course Reference Code: MT-7

Duration: 1-day


   Management Training and Employee Development

   Transferable Skills and Core Competencies


   On-site and In-Company


   United Kingdom



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Brief Description

Most organisations these days are in competitive situations with other organisations offering a similar product and/or service at a similar price. Many organisations have recognised that, from a customer's viewpoint, it is the skills and attitudes of their employees that make the difference. Projecting the right corporate image, improving customer satisfaction levels and enhancing a company's reputation are key issues that MUST be handled correctly if a company is to succeed in today's highly competitive marketplace.

Course Overview

    - Your products

    - Your Marketplace

    - Your Customers

    - Your Competition

    - applied to Customer Care

    - typical applications

All delegates will be expected to participate in the discussion
and practical sessions.