Telephone Sales Techniques

Course Reference Code: MT-8

Duration: 1-day


   Management Training and Employee Development

   Transferable Skills and Core Competencies


   On-site and In-Company


   United Kingdom



On-Site Costs:

Brief Description

This training session is designed for technical support staff who will be involved in making a significant contribution to the successful outcome of the sales process. It concentrates on developing a sensitivity to prospective and existing customers' feelings and t he interpretation of their requirements in one-to-one and group situations. Video role plays and realistic practical exercises are included in the course to reinforce the application of the training material covered during the formal presentation sessions and discussion periods.

Course Overview

    - Questioning techniques

    - Active listening skills

    - Creating sales opportunities

    - Selling benefits

    - Gaining commitment

    - Closing the sale

All delegates will be expected to participate in the discussion
and practical sessions.